Due to the volume of emails I get, I am not always able to respond to all, therefore I have briefly answered the most frequently asked questions below.  Please read through it before contacting me, as your question just may be covered below.


I am working on new full bodied silicone babies, and will offer them when they are ready.

No names will be taken for future babies, and no dolls can be ordered. I prefer to create wherever my creative flow takes me, and offer the dolls once I have completed them.

So…  Babies will only be offered when completed….   Sold via either eBay, Facebook or from my website under Auctions.

I do not have a price list, and you cannot order a doll.  Sorry.

Please subscribe to my email notifications, (form on the right) so you will be notified when I have a baby on offer.

I do not sell blanks, kits or unpainted silicone dolls at this time.   My molds are not for sale. (yes a few people have asked) lol

Sold out editions will not be available again.  I am however working on new editions so stay tuned.


Thank you for your interest in my dolls, I am truly grateful for the support, and for the gift of being able to follow my passion in doing what I so thoroughly enjoy, and seeing the joy my dolls bring to others.  🙂